anemptyface (anemptyface) wrote in thekidshardcore,

(2) Jared headers
(8) Jared icons
(1) Shannon icon

Leto entry, much? >.>

Teasers -
001. 002.

003.   004. 005. 006. 
007. 008. 009.

they are my first banners i've ever made - the first one, I don't like as much, but I just adore the second one xP

BTW: The 'saying' on the second banner is a direct quote from Jared =] the quotations are hard to see, but they're there.

be nice, kay? :D
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I love the icons and the banners... although I too prefer the second... but that might be because I don't really like the whole scruffy beard look he has going on lately...
scruff = you'll learn to love. tis hooooooooooooooooot. :D
loved the banners! probably using one of those soon. will creddit :)
can I take both and use them as lj headers in my info?!
will credit,of course!!
well done;))
of course! ^-^
those banners are beautiful ^_^
i simply adore the wind swept icon *.*
so so beautiful :D
great work!
Both banners are beautiful,taking them and I'll credit you if I'll use them ;)
Thanks for sharing.
those r effing beautiful
they blowed me away.