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new batch of icons from the latest mars photo shoot.
i adored each and every picture so i'm surprised i only got 14 icons out of it all.

Side note - the textless icons are not bases.

001. 002.

003. 004. 005. 006.
007. 008. 009. 010.
011. 012. 013. 014.
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Okay, I now need to free up more icon space.
Completely worth it though, these are cool!
hehe. Pimp Daddy XD Those are cool.
I love this photoshoot. My favorite by far. God, I love your icons tho. Your captions are perfect. Taking some, will credit of course.
Oooooh, very awesome. I'm going to take 1 and 11. Thanks!
took #7, credited :)

5, 7, 11, 13, 14!

<3 Tomo!
uuuuuuuh #3... i think you spelt intentions wrong. Yea... you did. Just so you know. :)

they're nice but im not taking any.
ouch, i just noticed that as well but it was a brush so it wasn't my spelling mistake xP ah well :]
number 7 of shannon is awesome. LOVE IT
Hi dear, I love your icons and I have a question, could you tell me where you have get this photoshoot?, I'd really love have the photos.
Thanks a lot :)
are amazing!thank you so much!
God! They are fabulous! Am taking several and will credit!

Thank you!
Wonderful! *______________*
I take 1, 6, 7 and 13. Kisses :*
does anyone have the full pictures to the Matt photos above? or well any of the photos
gooo to they are all in a new photoshoot:)


11 years ago


11 years ago

these icons are great! loveee them, and I loved that photoshoot, they are hilarious in it:P... will credit!!
Omgoodness! These icons are awesome!!
Taking six and fourteen! Thanks!
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