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hardcore kids wear camo

so they won't be [ scene. ]

the kid's [ hxc ] hardcore [icons]
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Rules Guidelines.
001. Please don't take anything without commenting and giving credit.
002. With that said, don't pass anything that you see here off as your own, I've made each and every graphic and I'd like recognition for it =]
003. "Blank" icons [or picture icons without words] are NOT bases, unless otherwise told.
004. Please join the community if you like what you see.
005. I really like to know how many people like my icons, if any do! So please before leaving drop a comment, constructive criticism is welcomed.
006. With that said, no haters please. I do my best here and if my best isn't good enough, go on and leave this place alone - I don't care if you don't like me, my interests, or graphics, it'll only waste your time if you leave a comment hatin'.

There! Those are easy enough to follow, right? Right. So be a good one and follow 'em, k? k.

[ Warning: This community and the graphics and posts will occasionally, if not always, have cuss words in/on them, if you have a problem with that, there's a little thing in the right upper hand corner of your computer, it's a red x, click it. :) ]